“Wrong” feels so Right!

Wrong for the Part 2019, directed by Phrannie Lyons and Jan Levine Thal

Directed by Phrannie Lyons and Jan Levine Thal
At the Bartell April 4-6, 2019
     Personally, Wrong is one of my favorite things Krass does. Inspired by Music Theatre of Madison’s Miscast, About 20 acts participate each time — comedy, drama, dance, ventriloquism, speeches, children’s stories, what have you. Some participants have performed once, some every year. I love to see the acts come back with brilliant new pieces. Our youngest performer was 11 (he played Santa), our oldest in her 80s (she’s been in almost every Wrong). Adding up all the contributions, we’ve had more than 150 individual performances.
     Audiences, too, have grown.While a lucky coterie has been to every one of the eight iterations, we’re always happy to see newbies who have no idea what to expect until the lights go up.
     And the show raises funds for the company, which is always nice. We have a donate button on this very page in case you are so moved . . .
    But the reason I like it is everyone’s amazing creativity. Whatever the theme may be  — this year it’s “anniversary” because it’s Krass’s 10th anniversary — the actors come up with scintillating ideas for using theatrical means to represent the theme.
     Please come and join the Wrongness. It’s so right.