The Ten Women Writers of “Mythical Creatures”

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Mythical Creatures: A Short Play Festival┬áby ten women writers for Krass’s tenth anniversary, directed by Nichole Young Clarke
At the Bartell Theatre, January 25 – February 9, 2019
So many creatures populate our stage: vampires, selkies, werewolves, boogeymen, characters from Greek mythology, and many more. We wanted ten good plays about mythology for our tenth anniversary — and after sorting through many fine submissions, we put together this delightful collection.
The playwrights are: Jessica Andrewartha, Patricia Davis, Betty Diamond, Kelly Dwyer, Melannie Jay, Marisa Kahler, Vivian C. Lermond, Miranda Makepeace, Tracey Jane Smith, Gail Sterkel
Spend some time with these beings and you’ll be sad to return to “real” life.