Productions of “After the Revolution”

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After the Revolution by Amy Herzog, directed by Suzan Kurry
At the Bartell Theatre  November 30 – December 15, 2018

“Herzog has generated a lot of buzz as one of the country’s brightest playwrights, and After the Revolution shows why. . . .  Convictions run deep, yet Herzog almost effortlessly shows how events can upend even bedrock beliefs. “It can be hard, can’t it?” a  character says  . . . “Even for very bright, well-meaning people, in a tough situation, to know what’s right.” The recognition that rippled through [the theater] . . . was like a murmured “Amen.””
– The Washington Post

“A family drama [about] . . . a twenty something character who’s forced to sort out her political ideals in the shadow of her late Marxist grandfather, whose memory his widow, Vera, tries to keep alive in a radically different era. After the Revolution . . .   gives no doubt about the authenticity of [Herzog’s] playwriting talent.”
– The LA Times