The Kathie Rasmussen Women’s Theatre is a 501(c) organization – all contributions are tax deductible. Monetary donations to support our work can be made in several ways:

In Person at any of our shows or events (cheques can be made out to Kathie Rassmussen Women’s Theatre OR to Krass Theatre)

By Mail to Kathie Rasmussen Women’s Theatre, 625 E Mifflin St. #320, Madison WI 53703
(checks can be made out to  Kathie Rasmussen Women’s Theatre OR to Krass Theatre)

Via PayPal, a familiar service you may already know!

Past Donors

Rita Barrison
Susan Bloch
Joan Brooks
Sylvia Brown
Michael Bruno
Ron Collins
Mary Conroy
Cindy Crane
Danielle Bormann Davidson
Betty Diamond
Pat DiBiase

Tracy Doreen
Sue Goldwomon
Anne Habel
Callen Harty
Melanie Herzog and Norman Stockwell
Steve Hill
Hinckley Design & Productions
M. J. Jones
Elizabeth J. Levine
Michael A. Levine
Sam Levine
Tim Lom
Jenny Maahs
Carol Moseson
Mirette Seirig Ohman
Sue Pastor
J Patrick
Patricia Peltier
Maureen Rasmussen and the Rasmussen family
Jane Schnieder
Sylvia Thal
Tony Trout
Mary-Ann Twist
Sarah Whelan
Patricia Whitely
Adam Williams
Wisconsin Women’s Rugby

The Fabulous Crone Show

Positive Aging Theatre

Tapit/New Works