Auditions for “Wrong for the Part 2019”

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Auditions are Monday and Tuesday January 28 and 29 at 7:00 pm at the Bartell Theatre.
If you absolutely can’t make either time, let us know ASAP. We want you to audition!

Bring that piece you always wanted to do but you’re too old, young, short, tall, blonde, whatever. If you’re doing a scene, you need to find your own scene partner.

The theme this year is “anniversary” in honor of our 10th anniversary season. If you can’t figure out how your piece relates to our theme, don’t worry about it. We’ll figure out the connection.

Three minutes or less for monologues, six minutes or less for scenes.

Actors choose their own pieces but if necessary, we can help you pick one out. *** BEFORE AUDITIONS***
Email Jan Levine Thal or Phrannie Lyons

You don’t have to memorize for auditions but you do have to be familiar with your piece at auditions so you can perform it, even if reading. And you do have to memorize for performance.

Here are the No-Nos: No Tennessee Williams (Jan will lose her mind). No Disney (we don’t want to be sued). No nudity. White people may not play people of color. Foul language is permissible but not preferred. Comedy is preferred but not required.

ALL CAST MEMBERS are required to meet with an acting coach. We will match you to a coach.

ALL CAST MEMBERS must be available Monday through Saturday evening, April 1-6, 6pm-10pm