Audition Notice

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Morticians in Love by Christi Stewart-Brown, directed by Suzan Kurry

When: Monday, December 5 and Tuesday, December 6.

Where: Bartell Theatre Evjue Stage
All auditioners, please arrive at 7pm. Callbacks, if needed, will be after auditions on Tuesday. If you wish to audition but can’t make these dates, email director Suzan Kurry for an appointment
“Every body should love death this much.”

A shy mortuary owner and her assistant toil alone among the dead until the arrival of a handsome rival mortician who wants to share more than workspace. And the two corpses make five. “V-day is all but dead … flowers and chocolates, formaldehyde and chloroform. …”

The play has no nudity, although the corpses will be scantily clad and there are adult sexual situations.

Lydia, a female mortician: 30-50
St. John, a male mortician: 30-50
Limer, Lydia’s androgynous assistant: 30-50
Shapely female corpse: 20-30 (nonspeaking, but considerable acting required)
Handsome male corpse: 20-30 (nonspeaking, but considerable acting required)

Rehearsals begin January 16 every Monday through Thursday until performances.
Eight performances Friday, Feb 24 through Saturday March 4.

For a pdf of the play, email

Praise for the play:
“In the midst of death, there is life and love–sacred, profane, unrequited and almost always dysfunctional–in Christi Stewart-Brown’s very black, five-character comedy (counting two corpses). Scarcely fare for the squeamish, with its excursions into heterosexual and homosexual couplings among the living and dead, the play nonetheless comes off as a caustic, funny, sharp-eyed autopsy on the difficulties of love…Morticians in Love may be morbid, but it has a heart.” -The New York Times

“…a morbid, pervy, and very funny farce…Sure, it’s strange, but strangely touching too.” – The Washington Post

Christi Stewart-Brown’s charmingly morbid comedy is so cheerful and upbeat, you’ll hardly believe that you’re watching a play about bisexual necrophilia.”
— Paul Birchall, Back Stage West

“Morticians is a simple enough idea: the tender story of first love between two devout necrophiliacs. Now, the idea itself gets a laugh, but what’s a pleasure is that Stewart-Brown follows through and creates characters, dialogue, and stagings that are a real joy to watch” — Matthew Richter, The Stranger (Seattle)