2017-2018 Season Announcement

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We thank all our donors and advertisers including supporters for the next season: the Madison Arts Commission and the Joan L. and Robert C. Gilkison Family Foundation.
2017-18 season
August 11-19, 2017—The Melancholy Play by Sarah Ruhl, directed by Emily Morrison-Weeks. is a comedy about a serious subject. Tilly’s melancholy is of an exquisite quality. She turns her melancholy into a sexy thing, and every stranger she meets falls in love with her. One day, inexplicably, Tilly becomes happy, and wreaks havoc on the lives of her paramours. Auditions are coming right up in June.
October 13-28, 2017—The Mineola Twins by Paula Vogel, directed by Juli Johnson, is a political satire. The story examines women’s experience and the women’s movement over more than three decades in post-World War II America, as seen through the life of identical twins, one a rebellious leftist, while the other is an uptight conservative. Auditions for this play will be announced soon.
March 15-17, 2018—Wrong for the Part 2018 – our usual fundaiser in which every single person has a role nobody would ever give them.
March 23-April 7, 2018—Body Awareness by Annie Baker, directed by Jeanne Leep, is another dark comedy. It’s “Body Awareness” week on a Vermont college campus and Phyllis, the organizer, and her partner, Joyce, are hosting one of the guest artists in their home, — a photographer famous for his female nudes. His presence causes strife. As Joyce and Phyllis bicker, Joyce’s adult son, who may or may not have Asperger’s Syndrome, struggles to express himself, with heartbreaking results.
May 4-May 19, 2018—Such a Pretty, an original play written and directed by Betty Diamond, is a serio comedy about women, beauty – and cheesecake. A group of women are trapped overnight during a December blizzard and confront truths that usually remain buried.